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Available For Acquisition

Industrial, Marine, and

Safety Supplies


Revenues $8,522,657

Cash Flow $733,433

Revenues: $8,522,657
Cash Flow: $733,433
Employees: 18
Location: Southeast
  •  Distributor of industrial supplies for past 35 years.
  • Maintains inventory of 2.5 million covering over 15,000 items of hand, power, cutting tools, abrasives, safety and janitorial supplies, chain, wire rope, hydraulic, water, air hose coupled with numerous contractor supplies and hardware.
  • Located in middle of an industrial marketplace. Refineries, petro chemical, marine and shipbuilding manufacturing. Oil rigs, railroad and upward growth unlimited.
  • Founder/owner and all employees will stay. Owner in late sixties and has an exit strategy.
  • Majority is on a wholesale basis; built on a principle of “one stop shopping”, E-commerce, and move attention toward direct sales in another opportunity with growth in additional locations westward and eastward.
  • Real estate is located with plenty of free parking on two acres in a 20,000 sq. ft. building, which is also available.


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