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Available For Acquisition

Among the Largest Glazing

Companies in the Southeast


Revenues $22,411,558

Cash Flow $4,791,446

Revenues: $22,411,558
Cash Flow: $4,791,446
Employees: 70
Location: Southeast
  • Backlog under contract North of last year’s revenues, including Casinos, Hospital and Telecom Headquarters.
  • Full Service glazing company; small and large, residential and commercial.
  • Thirty years plus of experience, offices in multiple states, customers across the United States.
  • Reviewed financials, double digit net profit margin, largest job North of twenty million.
  • Founder-owner respectfully requires a strategic party for a recapitalization to address the growth needs of work. Owner, key employees, coupled with all the employees, will stay post transaction. Merger and/or an equity position will be determined by parties involved resulting in a “fit and comfort level”.


Please execute our Confidentiality Agreement and I promise to be prompt in replying back to you.

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