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Manufacturer Fuel

Management Systems


Revenues $2,991,525

Cash Flow $367,076

Revenues: $2,991,525
Cash Flow: $367,076
Employees: 31
Location: Southeast
 Major player in fuel management. Leader in innovation. Customer base throughout the U.S. includes single fuel island systems to hundreds of islands. Primary customer base is government. Over 2,400 fuel sites. Field offices located in FL,GA,PA,CO,TX,CA,IL, and N.Y. 32 years of service. Designs, develops, produces, tests, sells, installs and supports state of art computerized automated fueling systems. Selected sites at a few of their customer base: Cities and towns = 612, private trucking = 610, states = 320, counties = 290, utilities = 159, transits = 120 and post offices = 115. They serve the need 24/7 security and accountability of an organization’s fueling operation. No other party has developed the hardware and software to parallel this technology to their knowledge. Over 400 customers that they match their needs through a turnkey system in a specific customize way. Business is located in a modern 9,000 sq. ft. facility that can be acquired or leased. Owner/founder is an engineer that seeks a party with appropriate capital to address the tremendous growth opportunities. He, coupled with other engineers and key employees, would be glad to continue after the purchase with appropriate employment agreements.

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