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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer & Seller FAQ

Why should we do business with you?
Seller’s standpoint: Experienced, certified, licensed, database of over 5,000 buyers with signed confidentiality agreements on our forms with financial qualifications indicated.
Buyer’s standpoint: Complete Confidential Business Review including three years of federal tax returns, financial statements and immediate access to owner via conference call and/or site visit through our office.
What is your fee?
We do not charge any up front fees, we bear our own expenses, we get paid a flat fee or percentage of agreed price at closing when our client gets paid. Please review our first interview agenda which addresses our confidentiality pledge, our Consulting/Marketing agreement including our fee structure with other supporting materials for full and complete disclosure.
Why do you use "negotiable" on the asking price and down payment?
Clarity of purpose without surprises. Real estate is separate from the price of the business. The price is different depending on if it is an asset or stock purchase. The multiple used is different between the cash flow depending on if the buyer is using the adjusted cash flow basis, ebit or ebitda in the determination of the price to be offered. Regarding the down payment, most lenders require 20% down to 25% of the agreed price as a down payment, consequently, it is a moving target going hand in hand with each other.
Why do you require the amount of cash available indicated on your confidentiality agreement?
Respectful to our clients in our promise to only release financials and tax returns to financially qualified parties after receiving financial qualificaton from them. This can be from written financial statements, letters from parties representing them or other sources that our clients approve. Confidentiality and financial qualification are at the core of relationships both ways. Thanks for mutual understanding and consideration.
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