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Available For Acquisition

Flooring Commercial,

Industrial and Marine


Revenues $11,112,834

Cash Flow $1,169,023

Revenues: $11,112,834
Cash Flow: $1,169,023
Employees: 100
Location: Southeast
Design, engineer, furnish and installs all type of flooring to the commercial, industrial and marine industry. Owners, architects and large General Contractors normally contact this company for their expertise during the initial planning stages before the work begins.
To our knowledge; there is no company in local market that is a major threat in competition for services provided. Double digit net profit margins, double digit backlog of work. Reviewed financials. Bonding is not an issue. Majority of customers are high-end located in the southeast, however, have performed work throughout the United States . Employees are well experienced, trained with a long history of employment with company. Several key employees take responsibility for each job under their umbrella. Ownership desires an opportunity to remove some or all their chips off the table and continue with the company for the next few years. Real estate is personally owned but available to be included or excluded from transaction.


Please execute our Confidentiality Agreement and I promise to be prompt in replying back to you.


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