Available For Acquisition

Electrical, Industrial,

Commercial, Government


Revenues $1,506,310

Cash Flow $561,807

Revenues: $1,506,310
Cash Flow: $561,807
Employees: 6
Location: Southeast
  •  Located in middle of industrial area of several shipyards, port authorities, chemical plants and oil refineries. 38 years of service generating consistent 30% plus net profit margins. Three year maintenance contracts, exclusive relationships with customers, largest general contractors in area.
  • Four key employees with over 15 years of service. Company is debt free. Bonding is not an issue due to owner does not have to personally guarantee any bond requirement due to track record.
  • Reason for transition, founder is over seventy years young. Turning away additional work that a new owner can grow the company to a level they are comfortable with.
  • Designs, builds, lock and key jobs in prompt, on time within or ahead of schedule. Superintendents granted responsibility for each assigned job and supported by management. Owner will remain as a consultant, help, aid and assist new owner with customer base and relationships. All employees will stay. Existing upward growth opportunities are unlimited.

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