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Electrical Contractor


Revenues $2,912,536

Cash Flow $585,003

Revenues: $2,912,536
Cash Flow: $585,003
Employees: 31
Location: Southeast
  •  Licensed in 12 Southern States. 3 million in backlog under contract. Three owners have over 100 years of experience. Will stay with appropriate agreement.
  • Certified and own an in-house apprentice program. Relationships and reputation with the largest general contractors goes back several years.
  • Customer base includes Lowes, Home Depots, several large banks, food stores, municipalities, automobile dealerships and numerous other commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Company is debt free, real estate is also available. They use the completed contract method for income tax purposes. May create temporary timing differences in revenue recognition between percentage-of-completion method used for financial statement purposes.

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