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Revenues: $6,313,701

Cash Flow: $1,057,719

Revenues: $6,313,701
Cash Flow: $1,057,719
Employees: 40
Location: Southeast
  • Owner of this 40 year successful business would like to transition from his business while holding an equity position.
  • He has ten key employees with an average of fifteen years of service. All are fully trained and an expert in their departments.
  • Hold vendor agreements with long term relationships with major customers with excess of 85% concentration in selected markets within market space.
  • Located in the middle of petro-chemical and chemical plants - Chevron, Dupont, Chemours, Phillips 66 and others.
  • Facilities sit on 8 1/2 acres of land, 19,000 sq. ft. under roof and need for additional crane capacity, shop space, coupled with equipment, exist.
  • Growth opportunities could triple in both top and bottom lines next year with these needs addressed.
  • Steel & alloy fabrication and repair, ASME Code and non-code, fabrication heat exchanges, vessels, tanks, skids, structural pipe fabrication. Repair, machining, field service design testing, blasting and painting. Experts in field with National Board Inspection Code.
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